Is A Mac PC More Secure Than A Windows One?

No it is not.

May proponents of Apple would like you to believe a Mac is more secure. The truth is because there are so many more IBM based computers than there are Macs, the bad guys target them more readily. For example, there are (and I don’t know what the actual numbers are) 10 million pc’s and 2 million mac’s, and a virus maker gets a 4% return on their ransom ware, the probability of getting paid is much higher on the pc’s.

So you ask, why not then purchase a Mac? Well, here are my personal reasons.

A Mac is approximately 3 times as expensive as a PC…and they do the same thing. They work the same way. They use the same hardware…it just takes 3 times the resources (hardware) to run the Mac. All computers have two basic ‘parts’, hardware and software.

If the hardware is the same, then what’s the difference?

It’s getting better, but much of the software available as of this writing will not work on Mac.

Mac’s are pretty proprietary, that is, it is difficult to get parts for them and therefore difficult to get service on them, which means they often times need to be sent to an official AppleĀ Repair Facility.

I’m just sayin’…

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